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About Me

"E Komo Mai !!"


My name is Dave Furumizo and I am a Seascape Photographer based on O'ahu, Hawai'i. My love of photography leads me to the rugged beauty of the ocean and the surrounding coastline. God has blessed us with so many truly amazing seascapes, rugged landscapes and sometimes even an unrelenting evolution from deep within the Earth that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The landscapes and oceans of Hawai'i are still evolving, still young and growing, and it is the sheer beauty of that evolution that I intend to capture and share with all of those who follow along with me on this interesting, photographic journey of mine. In my mind, I try to create an artistically dark, dramatic and sometimes, rather moody interpretation of this evolution as I see it through my style of photography. So please come along and join me as I try and capture the beauty of the ocean and the surrounding landscapes that I call home...

Please remember that the ocean is a precious resource and a gift for all mankind to enjoy for generations to come. Treat it with respect and try to leave it in a better condition than when you visited. Protect our ocean and it will in turn protect you and I and generations to come... Thank you for visiting with me! Please feel free to browse around!


Mahalo ke Akua! 

"A Hui Hou my Friends!!"



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Photo By: Ryan Sakamoto

Photo By: Eric Malina

Dave Furumizo-Sandy Beach.jpg

Photo By: Reid Fujita

Dave Furumizo-Sandy Beach2.jpg

Photo By: Clyde Kakiuchi

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